Cold Frames

How to make your own cold frames

Shopping List
VC Corrugated Roof Sheets

Length : 2m Width : 762mm

Frame 850mm x 350mm Pressure treated wood (Total needed approx. 6.5M)

Back legs 2 x 500mm

Front legs 2 x 400mm these are shorter so rain will run off

Extra support baton 25mm x 35mm (total wood 2.8M)

100mm screws

Roof fixings will cover any screws in the roof

Sweet Pea Cuttings

Convert your ‘Leggy Linda’ seedlings into new plants by taking Sweet Pea cuttings.

Wire Hoop Plant Supports

Wire Hoop Plant Supports.It can be expensive and tricky to adequately support a whole cut flower garden, here are some plant supports you can make yourself…

Our Flower Growing Frames

Flower Frames
Our own ‘invention’ these double Plant Staking with Cold Frames and extend our season here in the Chiltern Hills right on the Buckinghamshire / Bedfordshire border…

How to plant a Bulb Lasagne

In order to have a season long display rather than one big bonanza, you should plant bulbs with a variety of flowering times.

Storing Dahlias over the Winter

To accompany our Instagram Stories on ‘Overwintering Dahlia Tubers’  here are my top key points Rule #1 is keep your Dahlias dry while they hibernate We don’t wash our Dahlia tubers until the Spring as we find this just discourages the likelihood that they will not freeze or rot. Rule #2 gentle humidity and ventilation…

Drying and wiring flowers

Drying Strawflowers and wiring.

It is better to wire flowers fresh and then dry them, they are easier and less fragile.

Dahlia Hall of Fame

Dahlia Hall of Fame, the very best Dahlias to grow as cut Flowers for Flower arranging, Weddings and Events

How to grow Peonies

Is there any flower in the world more beautiful than a Peony?

Herbaceous Peonies are the most well known type of peony and probably the most converted Wedding Flower ever! Not a single stem is wasted.

Here are my top tips on how to grow Herbaceous Peonies.