Dahlia ‘Waltzing Mathilda’


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Dahlia ‘Waltzing Mathilda’

Dahlia ‘Waltzing Mathilda’ is a simply stunning addition to any collection.

Semi-double petals in shades of peach coral and slightly twisted. The dark green, purple bronze foliage foliage makes this Dahlia look like its flaming!

The perfect height for containers or planting at the front of border planting, Dahlia ‘Waltzing Mathilda’ is ideal for the smaller garden.

Flowers are smothered with Bee’s and Butterflies all summer long. Its a great choice for the Wildlife Garden.

Once you have one I know you are going to treasure it!

I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ve been able to include Dahlia ‘Waltzing Mathilda’ in our Annual Tuber Sale this year.

Flower type: Miscellaneous
Height: 70cm (Tall)
Flower Size: 7-8cm
Position: Full Sun
Plant spacing: 60cm (min)
Pinch: when plants are 30cm tall (Pinching will be covered in detail on Instagram Stories)

Cutting /Vase Life:
For the best vase life pick Dahlia ‘Waltzing Mathilda’ as soon as flowers open (before the pollen has set) once the flowers have been pollinated the petals tend to drop.  Deadhead flowers to give plants back the energy to ripen the next flower rather than work on producing seed.

Place flowers straight into ready buckets of water, we rest our blooms for a few hours in water, this is called conditioning.