Ranunculus ‘Porcelain’ (SOLD OUT)

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Ranunculus ‘Porcelain’

Top quality florist grade corms in a glorious new shade! It’s difficult to actually put your finger on the colour which is what makes it so very special!

Breed to be Slightly more heat tolerant , the flowers are huge blooming on long strong stems. Ranunculus ‘Porcelain’ you won’t have seen anything like it before!

Ranunculus, called the ‘Rose of Spring’ will provide gorgeous blooms throughout the start of the season, giving you an abundance of flowers long before the Roses wake up.

I absolutely could not be without these queen blooms and I’ve steadily been extending my patch year on year.

Whether you are a florist, growing flowers for your own wedding or a home gardener looking to fill your home with colour and beauty, you will find the perfect choice among my hand picked selection of colours.

How to Grow

With Staggered planting, Ranunculus will make up the centre of your Spring and early Summer Flower and Garden displays.

Growing Ranunculus will be new to most gardeners, so I will be providing step by step growing advice and videos on over on Instagram Stories (its free).

We are offering corms in small quantities so you can afford to mix and match to your hearts content.

These corms have been bred for the professional cut flower industry. Because they are hand bred and hand sorted you may occasionally receive the odd ‘rouge’ a colour outside your selection.

Personally I love it when that happens because last season we found a huge Cafe Au Lait coloured ranunculus in our patch of white flowers. It was beautiful and shared with you over on Instagram stories. We all went crazy for it and as a result Ranunuculus Chamallow is now available as part of this seasons selection.


Height: 25-45 cm
Amount of sun: full sun
Packet contains: 10 bulbs
Pinching: Not required

More information on Growing Ranunculus here

Cutting /Vase Life:

With a vase life of up to 10 days, ranunculus make a supreme cut flower. For the longest vase life cut when buds are coloured and soft (called the marshmallow stage) allowing them to open in the vase. For Wedding work or to bring into the house open flowers will still last up to a week.

Place flowers straight into ready buckets of water. We rest our stems for a few hours in water, this is called conditioning.