Salad Mix ‘Summer’


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Salad Mix ‘Summer’

Lactuca sativa

Available for the first time as a ‘mix’ so you only need to buy ‘one’ packet of seeds to achieve colourful and delicious platefuls this summer!

Home grown salad is so much more ‘tasty’ when grown yourself and picked ‘fresh’ as you need it! It’s also relatively expensive to buy so well worth a grow!

This ‘cut and come’ salad is slow to bolt perfect for summer long sowing.

The plants also make handsome patio containers and as the plants emerge either ‘Red’ or ‘Green’ you can easily distinguish between the two and choose to grow them on separately or together! Your choice!

Once we are into summer our ‘Winter’ Salad Mix will start to feel the heat so from late Spring until late Summer I will direct sow straight into pots this ‘Summer’ Salad Mix at 4 week intervals before switching back to my ‘Winter’ Salad Mix again.

It really could not be easier and incredible grown alongside our favourite Basil Mix ‘Dark Opal & Genovese’ for really flavoursome dishes!

How to grow:

Sow thinly every 4 weeks from March until the end of August direct into Patio Pots (or cells if you prefer) in a well ventilated spot. Too much heat can inhibit germination. Harden plants off carefully placing pots in a sheltered spot (out of hot sun and strong winds) to acclimatise. Cut and come again, harvest outside leaves. For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow Along’ on Instagram 

Variety: Lactuca sativa
Type: Hardy Annual
Position: Full sun / Part Shade
Sow: Spring – Summer
Pinching: Not required
Germination: Up to 30 days
Height: 15-20 cm
Seeds per packet: 300

Harvest: 6-8 weeks from sowing – each patio pot should produce leaves for 2-3 months. I permanently have at least one pot for ‘eating’ one ‘growing’ and ‘one just sown’.

The plants need plenty of water, but not too much sun. Move plants to part shade during hot spells. Leaves are tender for eating which means they are also delicate. Protect against aphids.  I drop picked leaves into a bowl of deep water for 20 minutes, any bugs will safely float away.