Sweet Pea ‘Swan Cottage Mix’


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Sweet Pea ‘Swan Cottage Mix’

Lathyrus odoratus

Sweet Pea Swan Cottage Mix –  A random mix of the best collection of Sweet peas I have ever grown. With excellent long strong stems and huge frilly blooms.

Shades including White, Peach, Blush, Pink, Lavender, Cerise, Blue, and Purple… Hand collected every package will be different.

NOTE: These hand collected Sweet peas are incredibly fresh and DO NOT need soaking to re-hydrate. Sow just as they are into fresh pots of Compost. 

I hope that starting with a few Sweet Pea’s from our tried and tested selection will give you the best possible experience and mark the start a life long obsession.

How to Grow:
Here in the UK I sow from Autumn onwards, undercover or in a sheltered spot. These Spencer varieties will also happily grow from a late Winter/early Spring sowing.

Sweet peas are hardy so can be planted outside in March or April (or 2-3 months before your last frost date). Provide a strong trellis or support for Sweet peas to climb.

For detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow Along’ on Instagram 

*Unlike garden peas, sweetpea seeds are poisonous if ingested. Unfortunately mice still like to steal them so are best pre-sprouted 

Variety: Lathyrus odoratus
Type: Hardy Annual
Position: Full sun in free draining soil.
Sow: Spring or Autumn
Germination: Up to 30 days
Height: 6-8ft
Harvest: May/June – July
Seeds per packet: 20

Cutting /Vase Life:
For the longest vase life, pick when the first flower opens leaving two to open in the vase. Sweet peas have a relatively short vase life making them the perfect choice when growing your own.

Place flowers straight into ready buckets of water. We rest our stems for a few hours in water, this is called conditioning.