Zinnia ‘Queen Orange Lime’


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Zinnia ‘Queen Orange Lime’

Zinnia elegans

The dusty matt faces give Zinnia’s a rare and exotic beauty. Zinnia ‘Queen Orange Lime’ is a long standing favourite and a must to grow every year! Plant alone or together with our other Zinnia varieties for endless vase combinations!

This Zinnia is perfectly suited to blend with dahlias that have a peach/orange tone.

Zinnia’s thrives in hot dry conditions and growing with a bit of weather protection will give them a bit more height as well as extending the flowering period.

How to grow:

Frost tender. Sow in Spring in individual cells on the surface of the seed compost and place somewhere warm for germination. Grow on in a airy bright location and water carefully making sure you don’t allow soil to dry out, but also do not overwater.

They are the perfect choice for late summer and look magnificent with Dahlia’s.  For more detailed growing instructions join our ‘Grow Along’ on Instagram 

Variety:  Zinnia elegans
Type: Half Hardy Annual
Position: Full sun
Sow: Spring
Pinching: Pinch to encourage branching and more usable stems
Germination: Up to 30 days
Height: 60 cm
Harvest: June/July onwards
Seeds per packet: 30

Cutting /Vase Life:

Pick when stems are firm and the flower heads don’t wobble.

Gently hold stems halfway down the stem and then gently wiggle back and forth. If the neck of the zinnia flower wobbles, it’s not ready for picking.

Be patient, wait until the stems are firm providing a good scaffolding for holding the flower aloft otherwise the blooms may wilt in the vase. Once you have practiced a few times you will soon get the hang of it and be picking stems like a pro!

Change water regularly when arranging with Zinnia’s to keep water clear. You can also add a drop of bleach to the water. Click for more detailed information on conditioning.